About Fly Colorado

Fly Colorado.Org was created to promote general Aviation in Colorado. By providing detailed information about the recreational flying opportunites in Colorado we hope to promote local busineses and provide the pilot community with valuable resources. The content on Fly Colorado is funded by the Colorado Pilots Association and reviewed by the CO Recreational Aviation Committee (CORAC). 

General Aviation is important to Colorado and helps brings in additional revenue to the airport, it’s tenants, and the surrounding community. The goal of CORAC is to promote general aviation in Colorado and to provide a readily accessible database of information for pilots to access for trip planning. While detailed runway and FBO information already exists on multiple platforms, the local knowledge surrounding the logistics of getting from point A to B and the facilities available to recreational pilots are not always clear. Documenting these details and providing easy access to this information benefits both pilots and businesses that support them.

Meet the Team

The website is the result of CPA and RAF members who make up the Colorado Recreational Committee. Along with the core team, memebers across the state join together to help contribute to the cause. 

Core Team:DSC_0200.JPG

Nathan Kurth - CPA Recreational/BackCountry Liasion

Patrick Romano - Recreational Aviation Foundation - Colorado Liasion

Matthew Schantz - CPA/RAF member and CORAC committee chair

Alec Seybold -  CPA/RAF member and CORAC committee chair