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Red cliff canyon walls provide the backdrop to expansive views of ponds, rivers and lush farmlands that create the dramatic surroundings of this unique fly-in destination. As a working orchard for over 90 years, Gunnison River Farms has thrived on the fertile land of its southwest Colorado location along the Gunnison River. The organic farm produces peaches, apples, grapes, cherries and pears. The lower Gunnison River wraps around the property providing private water fishing access in addition to seven acres of trout ponds. Petroglyphs dating back over 4,000 years are visible on the property, a distinct reminder of the different cultures that inhabited this land for its highly productive agricultural qualities. Today, along with a respect for the land, the farm provides a launching point for some of the best recreation in the state with premier fly-fishing and white-water rafting at nearby Gunnison Gorge of the Black Canyon.

Gunnison River Farms is a family-run business spanning three generations.   Fellow pilot, Todd, his wife Jan, three children and his father, Ted have made “The Farm” an  integral part of their lives and look forward to sharing it with you. Accommodations include six cabins. Landscaped areas around the lodge and cabins offer great gathering area to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The lodge consists of a fly shop, library area, game and TV room, and dining hall.   Guests enjoy delicious three-course dinners prepared by the on-site chef. Most of the fresh produce served at the table is harvested daily from the bountiful farm gardens and orchards.

Established in 1985, Black Canyon Anglers, the largest and most experienced outfitter on the Gunnison River is conveniently located on the property. They specialize in wilderness float fishing trips with knowledgeable guides, quality equipment and attention to detail. The Gunnison River has one of the densest populations of trout in the country making for amazing fishing opportunities. Spectacular scenery, world-class geology, and abundant wildlife are all part of the experience.

Gunnison River Farms is open to pilots with an advance reservation for either a meal at the lodge, a stay at the cabins, or a scheduled trip with Black Canyon Anglers.  We are excited to announce plans for a yearly fly-in to be held at the farm.  An event not to be missed!  Updates will be posted on as details and dates become available.

Video of the property, airstrip, and nearby canyons:


Airport / Runway Details:

Ident: 2CO5
Surface: Dirt
Elevation: 5200' MSL
Latitude: 38° 46.8'N
Longitude: 107° 53.8'W
RWY HDG: 06 / 24
Dimensions: 2700' x 50'
Slope: Uphill to the NorthEast
Comm: 122.90
Airstrip Overview Map: (for reference only - subject to change)
Click image to enlarge map.


* 20' AGL powerlines exist 500' West of the RWY 06 Threshold along the ranch
entrance road. The lines run from SW to NE. Overfly airstrip to identify before landing.
-An abandoned runway with a HDG of 15/33 exists 1/2 mile Northwest of the
active airfield. Land at the airstrip closest to the Gunnison River (RWY 06/24).
-Do not land on runway after heavy rains.
-Runway is unmaintained and uncontrolled, Perform a thorough inspection before
-Wildlife and Vehicles may be present at any time.
-Caution: Rodent holes and ant hills are present on the runway surface.
-Unmarked and hard to see powerlines cross the Gunnison River at multiple
points, do not fly low in the canyon.
-Gunnison River Farms is open to pilots with an advance reservation for
either a meal at the lodge, a stay at the cabins, or a scheduled trip with

For Conditions contact the ranch Manager: 970-835-5050


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Nearby Weather:

Note: NO AWOS or weather stations exist on the airfield. There
is one windsock on the East end of the Airfield. The closest
AWOS is at Montrose (KMTJ) which is 15 nm to the South of
Gunnison River Farms:

Nearby WX Personal WX station:                                                             

GRF Liability Release Waiver:

Instructions: Gunnison River Farm’s Airstrip (2CO5) is available for recreational purposes and at no charge to the pilot. Before landing or departing, pilots must have completed the liability release below. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITNG.    THIS IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND WAIVER OF CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS.

Important: This is an unmaintained airstrip and actual conditions may vary from the information given on this website. It is the pilot’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of this information and the condition of the airstrip prior to arrival. Contact the Farm Manager at 970-835-5050 with questions and current conditions.

In  consideration  for  my  being  permitted  by  Gunnison River Farms, a Colorado limited liability company including its officers, directors, agents and employees, to operate aircraft and/or other conveyances on or about an airstrip and adjacent land located at 7904 Shea Road, Austin, Colorado, and to otherwise engage in various recreational activities that may take place on or adjacent to the Airfield, which is in a rugged environment in mountainous terrain (all such uses and activities, collectively, the “Airfield  Activities”),  I  AGREE  TO  THE  FOLLOWING  WAIVER  AND  RELEASE.    CERTAIN RISKS ARE INHERENT IN THE AIRFIELD ACTIVITIES AND CANNOT BE ELIMINATED  OR REDUCED, AND TO THE EXTENT THAT IT MAY BE POSSIBLE TO ELIMINATE OR REDUCE SUCH RISKS, GUNNISON RIVER FARMS HAS NO  OBLIGATION  TO  DO  SO.    THE SAME INHERENT  RISKS  THAT  CONTRIBUTE  TO  THE  UNIQUE CHARACTER OF THE AIRFIELD ACTIVITIES CAN BE THE CAUSE OF DAMAGE TO THE EQUIPMENT AND PERSONAL   PROPERTY   ASSOCIATED   WITH   THE   AIRFIELD   ACTIVITIES,   OR   INJURY,   ILLNESS, PARALYSIS  OR DEATH.    I UNDERSTAND  AND ACKNOWLEDGE  THAT THERE ARE RISKS, HAZARDS AND  DANGERS  THAT  ARE  INHERENT  AND  INTEGRAL  TO  THE  AIRFIELD  ACTIVITIES  WHICH  TAKE PLACE IN AN OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT AND GENERALLY APPLY TO THE AIRFIELD ACTIVITIES.


1.         Risks  involved  in  the  Airfield  Activities.    These  risks  include,  without  limitation,  hazards  and dangers  associated  with the use and operation  of aircraft  and related  support  equipment  and conveyances, mountain flying and aviation, and collisions with other aircraft, telephone poles and lines, the ground, vehicles and other obstacles which may be present on the Airfield, including, without limitation, livestock, humans (whether invitees, licensees, trespassers or otherwise), wildlife, and man-made and natural hazards and obstacles which may be present on the Airfield, including vegetation, standing and moving water and other obstacles.   These risks include, without limitation, the risk of damage to equipment and other personal property, injury, illness, paralysis or death.

2.         Risks associated with approaches, landings, taxiing, takeoffs and departures in mountain terrain in uncontrolled airspace with unpredictable and rapidly changing weather conditions, into and out of the Airfield which has no standard airport improvements or other navigational aids of any kind whatsoever.

3.         Risks arising from high altitude weather and unpredictable and forces of nature, including without limitation, attack by large animals or predators, temperature  extremes, changing, unpredictable  and high wind speeds  and  downdrafts  and  the  risks  associated rocks,  sudden  and  unpredictable  flash  floods, snowstorms, rainstorms, hailstorms and lightning strikes which can result in injury, illness, paralysis or death.

4.         Risks arising from any activities in areas where no or limited outside services are available or provided; where rescue and emergency medical care and services are limited and will be slow to respond, if available at all;  where  land  and  river  conditions  vary,  are  not  maintained  or  controlled  and  are  unpredictable  and changeable;  where  hazards  and  dangers  may  not  be  obvious,  visible,  or  predictable;  where  weather  is changeable and unpredictable; risks from changeable and uncontrolled or maintained trails and terrain.


I acknowledge that the above description of risks is not complete and that THERE ARE OTHER RISKS, HAZARDS   AND   DANGERS   ASSOCIATED   WITH   THE   AIRFIELD   ACTIVITIES   AND   ANY   OTHER RECREATIONAL   ACTIVITIES   IN   AN   OUTDOOR   ENVIRONMENT   THAT   MAY   BE   UNKNOWN   OR UNANTICIPATED.    The inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers may result in damage to equipment and other personal property, or injury, illness, paralysis or death.   I understand that I am undertaking the Airfield Activities upon my own initiative, risk and responsibility.   I am fit to operate an aircraft.   I am fully licensed to participate in the Airfield Activities as may be required by the Federal Aviation Administration and any other applicable governmental authority. I have adequate experience flying into and out of high-elevation, unimproved airstrips, and I am capable of participating in the Airfield Activities without any assistance from Gunnison River Farms.   I understand that Gunnison River Farms personnel may or may not be present at the Airfield at any given time, and that the presence of Gunnison River Farms personnel is no assurance of my safety or the lessening of any of these risks.   I AM VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE AIRFIELD  ACTIVITIES  AS  WELL  AS  ANY  OTHER  RECREATIONAL  ACTIVITIES  ON  OR  ABOUT  THE AIRFIELD WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE RISKS, HAZARDS AND DANGERS INVOLVED AND HEREBY ASSUME AND ACCEPT ANY AND ALL RISKS OF DAMAGE, INJURY, ILLNESS, PARALYSIS OR DEATH.

I,   for   myself,   my   heirs,   successors,   executors   and   subrogors,   hereby   KNOWINGLY    AND INTENTIONALLY   WAIVE  AND  RELEASE,   INDEMNIFY   AND  HOLD  HARMLESS   Gunnison River Farms and Fly Colorado, LLC ("indemnify" meaning protect by reimbursement or payment) its officers, directors, agents and employees, with respect to any and all claims, actions, causes of action, liabilities, suits, expenses (including costs and reasonable attorney’s fees) and NEGLIGENCE OF ANY KIND OR NATURE, whether foreseen or unforeseen, arising directly or indirectly out of any damage, loss, injury, paralysis, or death to me or my property in any way connected with my participation in any recreational activities, the Airfield Activities or my use of the Airfield.   I AGREE that neither I, nor anyone acting on my behalf, will make a claim of any kind against Gunnison River Farms and Fly Colorado LLC as a result of any damage, injury, illness, paralysis or death to me or my property.   

I agree that this document and all other aspects of my relationship with Gunnison River Farms are governed by the laws of the State of Colorado.   Further, any suit, legal proceeding, mediation or arbitration arising out of or relating to my participation in Gunnison River Farms's activities, or any other dispute with Gunnison River Farms must be filed exclusively in the State of Colorado, and Colorado law shall be determinative.

Click the submit button only once. Your waiver will automatically be e-mailed to the Airstrip owner upon completion.



There are a total of six cabins at Gunnison River Farms. The three lower cabins (nearest the lodge) sleep two people in twin beds and have a bathroom with a shower. These cozy cabins were completely renovated and re-sided, and feature enticing outdoor spaces for gathering which include a patio and pergola, relaxing hammock and seating area for our guests.

The three ‘upper cabins’ were built in 1999. The open loft area features a queen bed and a twin bed, while the downstairs has a full bed, another twin bed, a bathroom with shower, and mini-refrigerator with a sink. The highlight of these cabins is their long screened-in porch with log chair seating that overlooks the sparkling hay fields, inviting ponds, a bend in the Gunnison River and dramatic cliff walls of the lower canyon.

All cabins have bathrooms with hot/cold water and have heating and air conditioning.BCA1.jpg


From the Ranch:

  • Fishing: The fishing float season extends from mid May through the beginning of October. Black Canyon Anglers is recognized as the largest and most experienced outfitter operating in the Black Canyon and offers the only fishing lodge on the Gunnison River.

    The Gunnison River is renown for its large 20” plus Rainbow Trout and a healthy population of Brown Trout adds to the excitement of fishing these waters. The Colorado Department of Wildlife routinely conducts fish surveys revealing the highest concentration of fish (8,779 fish / mile in 2008) on the Gunnison in the state. Trophy rainbows measuring 20”+ are the prize of the “Gunny”.

  • White Water Rafting: The premier whitewater rafting trip in Southwest Colorado, is the Black Canyon’s Gunnison Gorge. This National Conservation Area is located directly downstream from the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. A mixture of class II and III+ rapids, makes this 14 mile stretch of river a challenging whitewater experience. This is a wilderness trip where encounters with people are limited and sightings of wildlife are common. Desert bighorn sheep, river otters, mule deer, eagles, hawks and other bird life are regularly sighted.
  • Hiking: From the cabin doorsteps, old farm roads along the river extend to a winding single track that climbs to the top of the mesa overlooking the farm and meanders back to link up with the main road at the farm’s entrance. This is a lovely 4.5 mile excursion that climbs near sheer cliff walls, past desert wildflowers and archaeological rock formations. The 4.5 miles can be stretched to over 10 miles with different extensions of the trail that take explorers further downstream just above the riverbed or upstream along another river overlook.
  • Swimming: Numerous ponds exist on the property for cooling off after a fun filled day on the river.