Creede - Mineral County Airport

Known as one of Colorado’s wildest mining settlements, Creede, (elev 8,799’) is located in MineralCreedeMS.JPG County on the western edge of the San Luis Valley.  Its remote location makes it one of Colorado’s off the beaten path destinations brimming with natural wonders. Like many other camps that bear the name of the miner who made the first discovery, the town of Creede is no different.  In 1889, Nicholas J. Creede was panning along the banks of narrow East Willow Creek when he discovered the ore that became the Holy Moses Mine. Almost overnight his camp became a tent city.  By the summer of 1890, the town grew by 300 people a day. When Creede was incorporated on June 13, 1892, the population exceeded 10,000 people. Among the steady influx of people were some notorious characters:  Bob Ford,  (the killer of Jesse James),  quick- draw artist Calamity Jane Canary, lawman Bat Masterson,  con man Joseph Randolph “Soapy” Smith and card shark Poker Alice.

The lack of rail transportation impeded early settlement of the area. The Denver and Rio Grande line stopped ten miles below Creede in 1883.  Financial problems delayed construction on the railroad for several years.  With the help of personal funds of Denver financier, David Moffat, the line was completed in 1891. When the railroad came to town, the deluge of newcomers followed.

Creede reached its peak by the end of 1892, and had produced ore valued at over $4.2 million. The repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, the Panic of 1893, and associated drop in the silver price caused most mines to close and the population of Creede to decline. From 1900 on, Creede’s economy was more dependent on the value of zinc, copper and lead than on silver and by the 1930’s, Creede was barely alive.  The last passenger train left Creede in June, 1932. The last mine closed in 1985.

Creede’s spectacular scenery and superb trout fishing are among the attractions that have made this a popular tourist site for outdoor enthusiasts.   Creede’s Main Street still maintains the look of a western mining town while providing many options for lodging, dining, and shopping.  Among the highlights to explore are the unique Creede Underground Mining Museum, the Creede Historical Society Museum and the renowned Creede Repertory Theatre.  A good way to enjoy  the history and incredible landscape is to drive or bike the 17 mile Bachelor Loop as it winds north through narrow Willow Creek Canyon past many historic mine and mill sites.  Large, well- preserved mine buildings, ore bins, and cribbed walls can be seen at stops along the way.


Airport and Runway Info

Contact: (719) 658-2360

Location: 2nmi S of Creede
On: Denver Sectional & L-6 Low Altitude Chart

Field Elevation: 8680 ft MSL*

Pattern Altitude: 9480 ft JSL(800 ft AGL)*

Runway: 7/25, Length: 6880', Width: 60', Surface: asphalt, Lights: none*

Remarks: Glider and hang glider activity on airport. Mountains surround the airport. Elk and deer on and in vicinity of airport. 20,000 lb. GW limit. *

Noise/Landing Procedures: Departures to NE avoid overflight of residences. Climb to 200' AGL on extended centerline prior to turning. Aircraft stay to right of valley on approach/departure.*

Airport Services: No fuel. Unattended. NO Courtesy car available

Parking: Any open spot, no fee;
TSNT Storage: Tiedown, straps NOT provided*

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